Instructor Testimonials


Below are recent letters of appreciation from art and design students from Parsons School of Design and Marist College.


Caroline Adamy; Parsons, Fall 2018

Hi Glenn,

I wanted to thank you for such an inspiring, motivational and refreshing semester. I can truly say that I have learned so much from the experience and hope that you continue to share your wisdom with new students, old students and the people around you. I feel like I have found another little piece of myself exploring the

coral beak project and I couldn’t have done that without your guidance I hope you have a lovely holiday in Brazil. Enjoy the sunshine and the music ️.

Best wishes,



Amber Zhang; Parsons, Fall 2018

I just really want to let you know you have been a wonderful wonderful teacher to me. You are always so kind, positive and caring. And your illustration skill, just by watching it I got inspired. Moreover, I still remember the  limited lines figure drawing practice, that has helped me improve a lot in speed drawing. Thank you so much for that!!!

I hope to still see you around in school next year.

Best wishes,

Amber Zhang


Paulo Cruz; Parsons, Fall 2018

Glenn, it was such a pleasure to have you as a professor again. Your constant positivity and optimistic outlook on life is always such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for believing in my vision and my creative dreams, I’ll always remember that. I hope you have a great time in Brazil and I look forward to staying in touch!


Paulo Cruz


Karla Troncoso; Parsons, Summer 2017

Hi Teacher!

I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful experience. You can’t imagine
how much you taught me this summer, I am eternally grateful. Thank you so
much for every moment we spent together, in or out of the classroom. I hope
we can keep in touch even though we’re not together physically. When you
have time after your vacations, it would be an honor to have a
recommendation letter from you for my college applications. Once again,
thank you teacher!
Please send me the pictures you took of us in your camera if it’s

Best Regards,

Karla Troncoso


Wilson Zhao; Marist College Summer Program 2017

Hello Mr. Tunstull,

I don’t know if you still use this email, but I decided to send this anyway. It’s Wilson from your 2015 summer pre-college Figure Drawing class, the only boy from that year, remember? I got into my dream school, FIT, this summer, and I wanted to thank you for your part in my growth. I am deeply grateful for the two weeks I had at Marist and you were an important influence on me. You were the first teacher to validate me and my work, and the confidence you gave me was one of the things that convinced my parents to let me pursue fashion. When FIT asked me to go to their new campus in Incheon, South Korea, I embraced it as a challenge to get me out of my comfort zone. My parents believe in me enough to let me go halfway across the world to pursue my dreams, and you helped me get here. Right now, I’m sitting in my dorm room having just moved in yesterday, and I couldn’t help but feel I should take the time to thank you. I would love to keep in touch and get your critiques on future work. Your advice means a lot to me and I hope I expressed my gratitude coherently.


Thanks again,

Wilson Zhao


Cailin Sung; Parsons, Summer 2017

Hi Glenn,

I just wanted to reach out and extend a thank you for the past three weeks.

Before I came to the program, I had some knowledge from my art classes about all the different types and forms of art (the typical things like painting, molding, drawing, and photography) but nothing like fashion illustration. I never considered it a form of art because I had never divulged myself into trying it and I did not fully grasp what impact it had on the fashion industry. Throughout the past three weeks, I have never been so challenged yet motivated in any art class I have been enrolled in. I was only slightly concerned at the beginning due to my limited experience drawing the fashion figure, however you challenged me to practice and have patience. I have never felt so confident as a student then when I was in your class because, as Renaldo said, you never criticize work, you provide feedback and help your students improve their work one page at a time. Although I may not be the most talented fashion illustrator, I have noticed tremendous progress looking back at my first figure towards my final collection. You always made sure each of your students felt confident in themselves and not once made us feel as if we were not important to you.

You sparked a new passion for me, learning from you was an incredible experience I will never forget.

Thank you very much Glenn,

Cailin Sung