Commissioned Works

1. How much does it cost?
2. What do I need to know before starting?

Who will be the subject of your painting?  If you are having your children painted, you need to decide if they will sit alone or as a group.  Individual portraits of children are charming and very reasonably priced.  Groups can be a more expensive way to go, but they fulfill a wonderful documentation of your children’s relationships with one another. Where will the painting be installed – an office, a lobby, a living room, a formal sitting room?  Does it fill a personal, official, formal, casual, classical, or whimsical need?  Answers to these questions will help you determine the medium, the composition, the clothing, and the setting.

3. What style do you prefer?

Are you more comfortable with an impressionistic, painterly style or a more realistic, photographic style?  This is the first question you will be asked, so educate yourself by browsing my website, going through art books, or visiting a museum. If you have chosen me as your artist, I assume that you are comfortable with my style, which tends to me more impressionistic rather than photo realististic. I idealize my subjects showing them in their most flattering light, pose and compositions.

4. What should I expect to spend on my commissioned work?

It is important to understand that when a price is quoted, it is for the artwork only. There is no charge for travel inside Westchester for the initial photo shoot or for additional sittings and consultations conducted at the artist’s Hudson Valley, New York Studio. Travel costs will be incurred when the photo shoot is conducted outside of the Hudson Valley or if sittings and consultations are held at your home. I can accommodate most any budget.  Please do not hesitate to call me to discuss your preferences. Prices on website are for oil and watercolor portraits based on a photo shoot.

5. What is the medium you prefer?

The medium can impact the purpose, style, and budget of your project.  Watercolor paintings are the most versatile medium affecting style and purpose. Watercolor for children is ideal as it imparts a luminosity to the skin tones that is impossible to achieve through oil, as well as, a lightness and spontaneity.  Pastels and drawings are often less expensive, but they are generally less formal, so they tend not to be used for corporate or institutional purposes.  Photographic portraits can be either formal or informal.

6. How does the process work?

I will travel to your desired location for a sitting, depending on location and schedule.  This is an exciting experience involving photography and important artist/client communication.  When I return to my studio, I study the photographs, making adjustments. We schedule a meeting to review the photos in my studio and choose the perfect photo or if necessary a combination of photos. When circumstances require, I can work from a photograph that you provide.  Next we meet for you to approve the initial contour drawing. Your finished portrait is either shipped or picked up from my Hudson Valley, New York studio.

7. How long does the commissioned project take?

Please note there is currently a 2-3 month time frame for finishing family portraits. House, property and family portraits may be completed within a month’s time frame. For family portraits, a non-refundable deposit is required to schedule a photo shoot and secure spot on waiting list. Since I work on several portraits at the same time, I can photograph the subjects at your earliest convenience. Then it takes about a week before photographs are reviewed and another 1-2 weeks for an initial drawing. Although the process can be expedited, the normal process takes 6-8 weeks.

8. What about a frame?

For paintings, photographs, and drawings, the frame is the next most significant expense you will have.  You should seek out professional advice for framing, and purchase the best you can afford.  A portrait is not framed like a landscape or modern art.  There are specific guidelines for framing portraiture and certain archival considerations only a professional knows.  I have developed relationships with many great frame shops and am happy to assist you with this decision.

9. Will my artwork appear online or in brochures?

I maintain the right to photograph the artwork for publicity or reproduction purposes. However, out of respect for your privacy I do not use children or family names when titling or describing my artwork unless specific permission has been granted. I also maintain the right to exhibit art commissioned either before sale is complete or in a retrospective of my work for a maximum of 60 days within a five year period.

10. Can I have reproductions of my artwork?

Photographing fine art is an art in itself.  I photograph all my artwork so that it may be reproduced. You may purchase prints from me for $75 each. These high quality matted prints on watercolor paper make wonderful gifts for grandparents and family members.  Many families like to show off their portraits on holiday cards. I can publish the cards for you for $5 each or you may purchase the digital image with limited reproduction rights for your own use.

11. Can you come to our unveiling ceremony?

Once your portrait has been completed, I can help oversee all details of your unveiling and presentation ceremony. Expert advice is available for installing your work of art, from placement on a wall to correct lighting and even security options for works in public spaces.  Again, I can recommend a professional hanger to install your work and would be honored to attend your unveiling ceremony or special occasion.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any of your questions.  I am here to assist you!

To schedule an appointment please call 917-548-6929.
or email

12. How to Proceed

Step One: Client contacts the artist, Glenn Tunstull and provides complete contact information, description of size requirements, color palette and preferred subject matter. A photograph of the potential subject matter may be provided for review. Commission work generally requires two to four months lead-time. The artist will help you look through your treasured photos or take the perfect picture for you. You will get to pick the photo you like best from the photo session.

Step Two:
 Glenn Tunstull will reply within 14 days providing a written estimate and time line for the project, along with a contract for services. The artist can make a contour drawing in pencil on watercolor paper for your approval. Contract for all services requires a 30% non-refundable deposit. The balance is due in full, upon completion, and prior to shipment of the art work. Client is responsible for all packing, shipping and insurance costs.

Step Three:
 During the process of creating the portrait the artist may request an additional sitting to be conducted either in the artist’s Hudson Valley studio or at the client’s location. (A charge for travel to client if outside of the Hudson Valley) In some cases, photographs of the finished watercolor portrait can be sent to the client for approval.Project is initiated with the return of the fully executed, signed contract, and 30% non-refundable deposit, and the photograph to be used in the creation of the original oil painting