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Painter Glenn Tunstull

has a pre-occupation with sky, water and light. It may well be what drew him to the Hudson River Valley after years of living in New York City and abroad. The change of seasons so evident in the Valley is the muse for his landscapes, both abstract and real. Since moving to upstate New York in 2002, Tunstull has painted every season, capturing the splendor of fall foliage along the Taconic, the blanketing of pristine snow from his studio window atop a hill in Claverack and the bucolic beauty of Hudson in spring and summer. Tunstull’s love of art knows no borders. His settings, thus far, have extended from the pastoral elegance of Surrey, England, to the energetic and breathtaking colors of Brazil, from the historical grandeur of Paris to the far-flung flourishes of other parts of the world. Tunstull has exhibited annually for over 15 years on Martha’s Vineyard, building a recognizable body of work and a faithful following. Tunstull currently teaches at Parsons School of Design and Marist College; and his legacy as a fashion illustrator is documented in The History Makers, an African American history collection, and WWD Illustrated: 1960s-1990s, by Michele Wesen Bryant and in his new book, TUNSTULL From Fashion to Fine Art.

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